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By Sarah JaffeFebruary 21, 2019 12:05AM”My first year in the fitness industry, I was completely overwhelmed with my first gym membership and was not prepared for the amount of work it would take to get back on track,” Katie Rios, a 29-year-old marketing manager in California, told Business Insider.

“I’m just glad I made the right decision.

It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been worth it.”

Rios and her husband bought a gym membership, which she says she has been doing regularly since.

She told us she had to train up for a contest and had to be a little more careful when she entered competitions, since she had not done her homework on how the competition was run.

“I had no idea where to start,” Rios told us.

“When you’re on your own, you have no idea how to perform, how to train, what to wear, and how to do your exercises.

I had to go out and learn how to practice.”

Rio was initially looking to try out yoga and running, but the workouts had her in a bit of a rut.

She wanted to get into weightlifting, and she did a lot more strength work in the gym than she would have normally.

She decided to get her fitness back, and in 2018 she began competing in an online gym competition.

Rios’ results were outstanding, but she was disappointed when she didn’t make the finals.

Rines told us that she was so nervous about the competition that she didn-t feel confident about winning.

Rias told us it was a little embarrassing to win, and that she felt like a failure.

Rius was worried about her appearance, but after she won, she felt a sense of pride that she did well.

“When I saw the results I felt like I did the best,” she told us, “and it was nice to be able to see that I’m not just the bad-ass, but I’m a badass.”

It was around this time that Rios decided to try and take her body back to a healthier state, and started doing yoga.

She said that yoga helped her lose weight and improve her stamina, and it also helped her feel more energetic.

“It was like a second body I had, and I wasn’t ashamed of that,” Riesos told us about her yoga routine.

“The way I look and feel in the yoga studio and when I’m on the mat is much more balanced than when I was at home.”

Rios is now on track to meet her goal of a goal of 500 pounds.

She is also training up for another competition and is working on getting her fitness to a point where she can compete in an upcoming one-day meet.

Rios said she was a big fan of the brand, and wanted to make sure that she is making the right choice with her gym membership.

“The best thing about the brand is that I get to do the work, so I can focus on the workout and the process,” Rias said.

“They’ve also made it so that I don’t have to do much of anything.

There’s not much I have to worry about.”

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