“It’s a real life version of ’80s cartoonist Peter Benchley’s ‘Pilot’ and I just love it”

This is the first article from Vice News’ latest issue, out today.

In the video above, Peter Benchly talks about the inspiration for his own “Pilot” comic book series, which he wrote with a friend after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

It is the same comic that won the 2008 Academy Award for best animated short.

Benchley is currently recovering from his diagnosis, which was diagnosed when he was only 25 years old.

He was diagnosed at age 37 with stage 4 pancreatic carcinoma.

His book is about a group of friends who live in a town called Pompano Beach, Florida, and it focuses on the lives of the residents and the surrounding town.

“Pompano has been known for its small but passionate community, and Peter Benchleys story and the characters we see there has inspired me,” said Benchley.

“In my personal life, I’ve always been a huge fan of the pilot show ‘Star Trek’ and the pilot pilot of ‘The Twilight Zone’ so the idea of making a comic about a pilot pilot coming to Pompa Beach was just a perfect fit for me.”

In the comic, we see the town of Pompania living in the past as the residents, who have no recollection of the town at all, look on.

In another scene, a pilot is on his way to his hometown, when he’s stopped by the townspeople for being late for work.

“A pilot with a full stomach and an empty stomach, he has no idea what he’s missing,” said the writer.

“And when he discovers he’s being followed, he gets a glimpse of the past and realizes that he’s not alone.”

The characters in the book are based on characters from the pilot series.

Benchly said he and his friend, Chris Gaffney, have been writing the story for about two years.

“I had been in a relationship and was doing my college studies at the time so I was kind of trying to be like, ‘I’ll just write the book when I’m in my 30s, and then when I get older I’ll take a break and work on a new comic,'” he said.

Benchlys book, “Pilots,” has been praised for its storytelling, and many of the people in the town have been inspired by the characters in his comic.

The townspeakers also love the story because it tells the story of the Pilots as they were, and their lives, after the show ended.

The story will be updated with more characters and stories as the project progresses, Benchley said.

“The pilot episode is the one where we’re really trying to tell the story from the Pilot’s perspective, and the stories we tell from that point of view are so much more personal,” he said in the video.

“It really is about the Pilot, and he’s really the main character.”

Benchley was diagnosed on May 26, 2018, after he suffered from pancreatic inflammation and a cancerous growth in his pancreas.

Benchmore has been undergoing chemotherapy for about a year and has not been able to work for six months.

He said he was feeling much better after his chemotherapy, and his cancer was slowly going down.

“After the chemo, I was so sick, I had to go to the hospital for an IV drip to drain my blood,” he told Vice News.

“At the time, it was a very scary time, so the doctors were really scared.

I couldn’t go outside, so I went to the bathroom to urinate and pee and then I was on the toilet and the nurse came by and said, ‘Look, look, you’re going to have to take a shower now,'” he recalled.

Benchriley said the nurse gave him the cold shower, which left him feeling exhausted.

Bench was allowed to come home and was treated by his doctor for the night.

He awoke at 2 a.m. on the next morning to find he was very cold.

“That was the last time I saw him,” he recalled of the day he woke up.

“Then I woke up at 4 a.ms. to have an ambulance coming and I had no recollection.

I remember going to the bed and then getting the news that he had died.”

Bench was told his name was published in the newspapers on the day of his death, but he said he didn’t realize his name had been mentioned until later that day.

“When I learned that, I kind of lost it,” he explained.

“What I knew was, I got the news in the paper, I didn’t think, ‘Oh, that was a big deal.'”

“I think I’ll always have that memory, but that was probably a good day.”

Benchly says he had hoped that his family would be able to make it through this, but it wasn’t an easy situation

Why I’ve never been into weight training

I’ve been doing some of the more difficult lifts on the gym floor but it’s never really really stuck with me.

The last time I tried one, I got a stomach ache and thought I was going to pass out and pass out in the pool.

I’ve also never been a big fan of heavy bag exercises, so I didn’t really want to go for it.

I’m also a big bodybuilder, so that’s always been an issue.

But I did finally make it happen this past year when I started training for a big CrossFit competition in a gym.

After that, I didn�t have a problem getting into weight lifting.

I had been doing squats and deadlifts for about 10 years when I got into CrossFit.

I had been working out with a gym before I started competing.

I just thought it would be cool to try it again, and I ended up doing it for a while before I really went for it, which is why I never really felt I had the strength or size to go weight lifting at that level.

So I tried it once, and it just wasn’t for me.

I also didn�ts really feel I had much strength or power or stamina.

So when I went to try the CrossFit Games, I kind of thought, “Well, maybe I can do this.”

I think the strength and power that I gained was just kind of the result of having a good coach, having an awesome gym, and getting the right nutrition and training.

It was something I had done before and had always wanted to try.

For me, I just got it because I was trying to get bigger and stronger, and this is something I wanted to do and have done.

I was kind of hoping that I would be able to do it on a small scale, but that’s just not the case.

I wanted it big, but I didn`t know if I was ever going to be able do it, so when I did, I was really happy about it.

What did you do before CrossFit?

What was your diet like?

I was an athlete growing up, so the first thing I ate was meat and fish, and then some fruits.

I did a little bit of cheese and a little protein, and a lot of vegetables.

I started out in a CrossFit gym when I was about 11 years old, and we did a couple of weeks of workouts, but eventually it was time for me to start to do more training. I didn���t really start with CrossFit because I didn’ t want to start training like an athlete, but it just seemed like it was a good fit.

Why do you think you weren�t able to make it in CrossFit like other people?

I think the main reason was that I had a really difficult time finding a gym where I could fit into the group.

I thought that there were so many different gyms, and so many gyms were like CrossFit, that I just wasn�t sure that I was good enough to be there.

It wasn�ts something that just happened to me.

When I started working out at my gym, the gym staff and I were really friendly and helpful.

I mean, if I could have just asked, they would have told me to come in, but they were just kind enough to let me in.

It�s nice to be in a group, but you just have to make sure you are in a healthy and fit situation.

You have to eat right and stay hydrated and stay on track.

You don�t want to eat too much, and you can always get snacks, so you can eat when you are tired and have some energy.

Do you have any other CrossFit experience?

I have been doing CrossFit for a long time.

I know what it is like to do something like Crossfit and I just had to get out there and try it.

The gym was pretty small, so it took a lot to get in, so once I started doing the Crossfit workouts, it was just an easy transition.

I got really good at it, and my training has gotten a lot better.

I definitely feel like I have gotten stronger and better at it.

What do you do to keep fit and have a great body?

I get really motivated and excited about CrossFit and doing it.

Sometimes I think about the CrossFitter and think about what it means to me to be healthy and to be lifting, but at the same time, it is so motivating.

You want to push yourself and make sure that you are strong, and that you don�s get injured.

Where do you see yourself going in the future?

I really want this to be a long-term goal for me, and to make CrossFit a part of my life.

I don� t know what my future is going to look like, but if I do end up going back to school and continuing

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