When is it OK to masturbate? A look at the age of consent

When is masturbation legal? 

In a new piece in the American Academy of Pediatrics magazine, Dr. J.L. Scott explores the age-of-consent debate in a way that’s relevant to the current debate over pornography. 

“The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that children and adolescents start masturbating at the same age as their partners,” Dr. Scott says. 

The article suggests that, in the eyes of the public, the age at which a couple can legally masturbate is different than the age a couple may be able to have sex at. 

So what’s the truth?

The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP)  has  a policy that says that “children and adolescents who are not currently sexually active can be considered sexually active.” 

That means, if you’re a couple and you’re both 15 years old, you’re legally allowed to masturbating in public.

However, the AAP doesn’t say whether or not you can be legally adulterated at the time of your partner’s 18th birthday.

Dr. Scott notes that the AP policy doesn’t actually apply to couples who aren’t currently having sex, but he does state that the AAP does not support the idea that the age difference between a couple is a barrier to sexual activity. 

In his new article, Dr Scott explains that, while there is a clear age difference, it doesn’t mean that a couple has to be engaged at the time of their 18th birthdate to be legally engaged.

“While there are no hard and fast rules for when it is appropriate to engage in vaginal intercourse, if a couple is engaging in vaginal sexual activity, the sexual act itself is considered sexual activity,” Dr Scott writes. 

However, he says that, because a couple may be adolting each other in a private setting or when they are in public, “the act itself may be considered sexual behavior.”

So, if there is no explicit age difference between the two pornography pipelines, does that mean that a person can’t be legally masturbated in public? 

Not necessarily. 

A lawsuit in California was filed against a porn website that was pushing a different age of consent policy, but that case has yet to be decided. 

What is the age gap between a parent and their child? Dr. J

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