LEGO ‘s Summer Olympics 2018 model is ‘the coolest thing I’ve ever seen’

In case you missed it, the Summer Olympics will take place on 4 July 2019 and the UK’s largest indoor track and field event is currently underway.

With a whopping 4,000 athletes competing, the event is one of the largest sporting events in the world, with the event being held every four years.

While LEGO has been very upfront about its involvement with the Games, we still don’t know exactly how the company will be able to support its athletes.

Last year, we reported that the company’s “Lego Team Building Set” would feature an exclusive version of the Games’ track and event model, but now, we’re told that this version of LEGO’s model will be one of only 100 models produced, with its exclusive design being based on a model that was designed to be used in the event’s event.

The model, dubbed “The Summer Olympics’ Runner” has a range of parts and features that are identical to those of the model used in this year’s Games, with a few exceptions.

The first of these is a “Lights Out” LED, which is used to illuminate the track during events and is one that is featured in the official track and track event model as well.

The LEGO “Runner” model also features a removable head which can be removed from the model to add another piece to the model, and a new “Faces” section that includes the “Racing” section, which includes an interactive track.

Lastly, there are “Goggles” that can be installed to the back of the “Runner”, which are used to display the “Gym Leader” and the “Bike Leader” on the track.

The track and team building model, while very cool, is also not the only model that LEGO has used for the Games.

In the past, the company has also made some custom models that feature their own track and race track.

For example, a model for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was based on the “Summer Olympics” track model and included a “Summer Games”-themed model for each of the five continents.

The team building and track model, however, will be the first to feature a new track model.

It’s also worth noting that this model is not an official LEGO product and is not yet available to purchase.

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