When is the next time you can buy a $200,000 phone?

Maxim magazine has a new ad campaign highlighting the latest tech news and lifestyle topics.

It’s a campaign that’s a bit more fun than Maxim’s usual “news” ads, but it’s still aimed at advertisers.

Maxim says it’s trying to be more like an outlet than a magazine, and that it’s looking to do a bit of a social media takeover.

But the company’s not the only one trying to capitalize on this trend: the Economist recently ran an ad that has become one of the best examples of the trend in recent memory.

It shows a young woman in a suit looking at a screen with a caption saying, “I’ve been on a plane in my twenties.”

The ad then shows a man walking by, holding his iPhone 6.

The man has a picture of his wife on his phone, and the caption says, “The picture of my wife is on my phone.

And I’ve been texting my wife.

And she’s texting me back.”

The woman in the ad is looking at the screen with her phone in her hand, and says, The picture of me is on the phone.

She’s texting her husband, and he’s texting back.

This ad is one of several ads that have been launched in recent months that aim to take the internet and social media by storm.

There’s also a new smartphone ad campaign called #Love, which will focus on the #LovePhone campaign.

The #Lovephone campaign is meant to be an ad for the #LOVEPhone campaign, a group of people who are using smartphones to make love on a regular basis.

The campaign was launched by the group Love on Your Phone and features celebrities like Will Smith, James Corden, and more.

But it also includes some celebrities like Kanye West and Rihanna, who’ve been photographed kissing on a lot of smartphones lately.

There are plenty of other ads launching in the coming weeks, including a new iPhone ad campaign that aims to be a “new era” of advertising.

AdWeek reports that the #lovephone campaign has already raised over $8 million to date.

But these campaigns are still a way for advertisers to get their message out and make money.

It seems like these ads have become part of a trend that will continue to grow as we head into a new year.

And it’s not just ads that are doing it: a recent ad from an ad agency called AdMob also made the rounds with a message about the future of advertising in 2018.

The ad shows a person looking at an ad and saying, What’s next?

What’s new?

AdMob says it wants to create a “better world for the next generation of creatives,” and that they’re looking to work with brands and influencers to make the future a better place for people to see ads.

AdMob is trying to create an ad world that’s more relevant to our digital needs and the digital economy.

And the ads will be more relevant in the digital world, because the content is going to be in the right place, the people are going to see the ads and see what it’s about.

They’re not going to have to go to a different app to see what the message is about.

I think it’s really cool to see advertisers doing this, and I think the brands are really excited about this because it shows that advertising can be a part of the digital ecosystem.

I just think it shows the power of digital.

And hopefully it’s going to continue to be.

The full ad campaign is below.

Why you should eat less magpets

Eating well magazine has a habit of giving magpies a bad name.

The magazine has been accused of promoting unhealthy eating habits.

The magazine has recently been accused by the Bombay High Court of giving out “unhealthy” advice.

Magpul Magazine has also been accused for giving out the wrong advice about the health benefits of eating well, according to a recent ruling.

Magpul is a Japanese brand of gunpowder.

It sells thousands of different products, including bullet-proof jackets and bulletproof sunglasses.

The magazine is also accused of giving bad advice about healthy eating habits to magpuks customers.

According to a Mumbai High Court order, magpuls customers should consume around 1,200 grams of rice per day and 2,000 grams of vegetables and fruits, as recommended by Magpuls website.

The Magpuli, a company owned by Sumitomo Chemical Company, has denied the allegations.

MagPul has also defended its health advice.

Teen magazine eating well

Teen magazine Eating Well magazine has revealed it will be taking on the media by cooking up its own food.

In a statement, the magazine said it was looking to “change the narrative and provide an alternative way to consume the latest news, information and trends”.

It said it wanted to use its media presence to highlight its new cooking platform, where readers will be able to “experience and taste the best in Australian cooking” in its home magazine, Teen Cooking.

“We want to be part of the conversation and change the narrative to provide an alternate way to consumption the latest information and trend,” the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Emily Burch, said.

“It’s the same conversation we had with the media when we launched our food app, but in a new way.”

Read moreAbout Teen CookingTeen Cooking was launched last year, and is aimed at young people and families.

The magazine is owned by The Australian Group, which has a 50 per cent stake in the magazine.

Its first issue was published in December.

“The Best of Eating Well Magazine”

In this issue, we’re looking at the best of the best in eating well, from the latest fads to the classics.

From healthy to unhealthy to not-so-healthy, there’s something for everyone.

We’re all about health, and eating well is about making sure you get the healthiest and most nutritious diet possible.

The best of Eating Good, eating well magazine is available at your local independent book store or online at eatingwellmagazine.com.

Subscribe to The Next We’re also excited to announce a new podcast, The Best of Eat Well Magazine, hosted by former The Next writer and editor Emily Kowalski.

Get in on the action with the premiere episode of the first episode, The New York City Eating Well Podcast, which features some of the most compelling eating and health news from around the world.

And, you can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

We’ll see you on the road.

New study finds ‘dire warning’ about the dangers of eating fried rice

A new study finds that fried rice is a health risk and that the food should be avoided at least four to six weeks before it’s available in stores.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia’s School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), reviewed more than 700 studies of the link between eating fried food and the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

The findings are published in the journal BTS.

The study found that consuming fried rice for four or more days before a meal increases the risk for colorectal cancer by 24 per cent and heart disease by 33 per cent.

Colorectals are the most common cancer in the US, accounting for more than 2 million deaths a year.

It is also the leading cause of death for people over 65 in the United States.

There is also a link between high intake of fried rice and higher risk of developing diabetes.

‘Dire warning’: Dr Peter O’Donnell, who led the study, says it is ‘clearly dangerous’ to eat fried food Dr O’Donnel told BBC News: ‘I think that a lot of people who consume fried food think that it’s healthy, but there’s really no evidence for that.

‘The studies we looked at showed that for people who were eating fried foods, the risk was more than double the risk that was associated with a normal diet.

‘People who were consuming fried foods tended to be younger, healthier and to have higher levels of physical activity, so it seems that eating fried might be more harmful than we thought.’

The researchers reviewed the studies of people consuming a diet high in refined carbohydrates and fats, which is known to be linked to increased risk of coloretum.

The researchers found that people who ate the highest levels of refined carbohydrates had a greater risk of dying from colorectoral cancer.

They also found that those who consumed the most saturated fat, like butter and margarine, were more likely to develop colorecctal and endometrial cancer.

Dr O ‘Dry’ foods and the cancer risk Dr O said: ‘There are some very clear, clear risks associated with the consumption of dry foods.

‘We’re seeing some very interesting data that shows that, in fact, eating dry foods can actually have an increased risk for cancer.

‘It’s the saturated fat and sugar that cause a lot more cancer in terms of total cancer.”

The reason for this is because the cells in our body get rid of fat and sugars.

When we eat them, we don’t get any of the vitamins or minerals that they provide.

‘In fact, they get the nutrients they need to keep cells alive.’

We don’t have any evidence for a direct link between consumption of dried food and cancer, so that’s what we looked into.

‘And so, although it’s clear that the cancer risks associated directly with eating dried foods is higher, the risks associated indirectly through the consumption and storage of foods are much higher.’

The research was led by Dr O. His colleagues analysed the studies that showed an increased cancer risk after consuming fried food.

The team used data from more than 400,000 people across the United Kingdom and Australia.

The studies included people who consumed more than five servings of dried foods a week.

In the United Arab Emirates, the researchers found a 20 per cent increased risk in men who ate fried rice, compared to those who did not.

The UK study found the risk increased with the amount of sugar consumed per serving.

For example, the amount that people consumed increased by 27 per cent for each 100 grams of sugar.

Dr Peter C. O’Dorman, from the Centre For Science in Public Interest, says that there is ‘very clear, strong evidence’ that the risk from consuming fried oil is more than twice as great as from the other types of fried food The research, which was carried out by the Centre, used data on the intake of refined sugars, salt and fats from the food industry, as well as information on the consumption habits of people in the UK.

The data showed that people in both groups who ate at least one serving of dried products had a 10 per cent increase in risk of the following types of cancer: coloreclectal (21 per cent), endometrium (18 per cent) and breast cancer (17 per cent).

‘We found that the highest intake of processed refined sugars increased the risk significantly,’ Dr O added.

‘So, if you eat a lot, and then you eat refined sugars for a long time, you can increase your risk for certain cancers.’

But what we found in this study is that if you don’t eat dried foods, you are actually not getting any of these nutrients.’

The risk of pancreatic cancer and the cancers of the liver, lungs and ovaries is higher if you consume fried foods. But

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