Why the Coyotes can’t win their first Cup since 1980

The Arizona Coyotes were born in the NHL and won their first NHL championship in 1980, and the franchise has never been more popular.

They’re still playing, and still have fans.

But they haven’t won the Cup since.

So it’s no surprise that the team has been quietly working on a new nickname for the franchise, one that’s much more reflective of the Phoenix brand than the one that won it back in 1980.

The Coyotes have been using the term “Tahoe” to describe their new home since last spring, but they’ve had to adjust their current nickname as a result.

Here’s the new name the Coyotes have chosen to wear for their home arena in the Arizona desert:Tahota Sports Complex.

The team will use it as the name of their new arena in 2019.

The name change is a bit more subtle, as the team said in a press release on Monday.

“As we continue to evolve our name for the future, we’re also continually looking to be more inclusive,” Coyotes President of Business Operations and Chief Operating Officer John MacLean said in the release.

“We’ve been working with the community to develop the new nickname and, in the process, we decided to incorporate Tahoe as the new team name.

We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to sharing the team’s new identity with the fans in 2019.”

The name has been a constant companion to the team since it was announced.

The nickname was adopted in 1996 by the San Jose Sharks and Phoenix Coyotes, and it has become a staple of their fan base.

The name has also become a reference for the team.

In recent years, the Coyotes team name has undergone several changes.

The original name was changed in 2000 to Coyotes, then again in 2007 to the now-infamous “Coyotes.”

In 2016, the name was updated to Coyotes Stadium and Coyotes Place.

The team also took on the moniker “The Gladiators” for their 2016 season, with the team calling it their home away from home, as well as its arena.

And last year, the team adopted the nickname “The Phoenix.”

But the team is still not ready to make any major changes to its nickname, which was adopted back in 1996.

MacLean told NHL.com that he expects the team will continue to use the name “Tuhoe” for its home arena.

“We’re not changing it,” MacLean explained.

“The fans will continue their loyalty and their support.

We’re excited about it and we hope it stays that way.”

MacLean also told NHL Central on Monday that the Coyotes are planning to keep their nickname in a way that doesn’t upset fans who may not have previously supported the team, or who are looking to change their mind about the team moving to Tucson.

“There’s no reason to change it,” he said.

“Our fans are loyal and they want the same thing, which is winning.”

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