When it comes to the best new movies in 2018

In 2018, we’ve been lucky enough to get a whole lot of great films.

But it’s still very much possible to be a bit of a cinema nut and still enjoy the likes of The Interview, The Night Manager, The Postman and The Mummy.

So it’s worth thinking about the best films to watch in 2018 as well as a few other films that might surprise you.

But first, here’s a guide to the top 10 movies of the year.1.

The Postmen: 10/24/17The Postmen is a thriller that features the arrival of a group of friends on the outskirts of a city in the US, where the city’s mayor has recently passed away.

The group is made up of former members of a local band who have now formed a new band called The Post Men, who are hoping to reclaim their music and careers from the city.

The film stars Emma Watson, Samuel L Jackson, Matt Damon, Tom Wilkinson, Taron Egerton and Richard Jenkins, who is one of the film’s two original composers.2.

The Mooch: 10.21/17A love letter to the past, the Moochy returns to the same old familiar locations of the Moomins, including the old farmhouse where the family lives and the family’s new home.

It’s also the return of the old cast of characters, who play a couple that are now dating in a new home in Australia.3.

The Night Man: 10 November/17With the return in 2018 of the legendary film of the same name, it’s fitting that the story of the life and times of a young woman living in New York City is told through the eyes of the former night man who was born into the family business.4.

The Preacher: 10 January/17Director Matt Reeves has always made the films he wants to see and the director of The Preachers has gone all out in getting the film he wants.

The film tells the story that it all began with a young boy, a preacher from a small village, who gets a ride to the orphanage in his family’s car, and finds himself transported to a different world.5.

The Starseeders: 10 February/17Based on a story by James Joyce, the film follows a family that travels through the desert of New South Wales in search of food and a new life.6.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: 10 April/17It’s the final story of The H, which was written by Ernest Hemingway and is a tale of a man who has the power to give people their life and freedom, but who also has to choose between his life and the life of his family.7.

The Last Witch Hunter: 10 May/17An adaptation of the novel by Scottish author Ian McEwan, the Last Witch Hunters follows a young witch who comes to England in search for her mother.8.

The BFG: 10 September/17This classic horror film is a remake of the original 1946 film, featuring a young girl and a man as they find themselves in a small, remote town.

It is based on the story by Arthur Machen.9.

The Walk: 10 October/17Set in a dystopian future where the world is ruled by robots and artificial intelligence, The Walk tells the tale of three young men who have been sent by their grandmother to live with her in an underground bunker in the mountains.10.

The Shape of Water: 10 December/17Inspired by the book The Matrix, The Shape Of Water follows two men who are trapped in a world where they must fight to survive against a world of artificial intelligence.

It follows their journey through the underground world of the Matrix, through the mind of the protagonist, the robot, and his journey through this world.11.

The Neon Demon: 10 March/17In this remake of The Neon Genesis Evangelion, it is a futuristic thriller where the protagonist finds himself in the middle of a dystopian society where technology has taken over, and he must fight against it to keep the human race alive.12.

The Manchurian Candidate: 10 June/17From director Denis Villeneuve comes a classic story of a scientist who is trying to uncover the secret of immortality in an alternate universe, with the ultimate goal of finding a way to destroy humanity and create a new, perfect world.13.

The Martian: 10 July/17One of the best science fiction films ever made, the Martian is the tale about a man whose wife is killed in a car accident while he is on a mission.

He wakes up in the hospital and he starts working on the problem with his wife’s death.

The movie stars Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Fassbender, John Goodman, Michael Pena, and Ana de Armas.14.

The Babadook: 10 August/17Called “a masterpiece of

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