US President Donald Trump says he is ‘not looking to be president of the world’

President Donald Trumps comments on the unrest in Turkey has drawn widespread condemnation.

“No, I am not looking to become president of all the world.

I am here to work hard and I am going to make America great again,” Mr Trump said during an address at the US embassy in Ankara.

The President said he was looking to help rebuild bridges and improve relations with Turkey and other nations.

“I am looking to bring the two countries closer together, not divide us up,” Mr Trumps statement said.

The White House said the President was not commenting on a plan to suspend the US refugee programme and the decision to suspend travel to the US by citizens of six majority Muslim countries.

Mr Trump’s speech comes after Turkey, which has seen a surge in migrants and refugees in recent months, said on Monday it would temporarily suspend its EU-Turkey deal to share refugees with the bloc.

In a statement, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the move would be temporary and that it would remain in force until the EU-US agreement is renegotiated.

He said he had been asked to come to the United States and discuss ways to better protect people fleeing persecution in the Middle East.

In recent weeks, Turkey has been at loggerheads with the EU over Turkey’s decision to accept refugees from Syria, who it says are part of a “caliphate” stretching from Iraq to the borders of Lebanon.

EU leaders have said they will not allow Turkey to join the bloc if it continues to discriminate against Muslims.

But Mr Trump and Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim have disagreed on how the refugee crisis should be resolved.

“What we’re looking at is not a solution, but a way out,” Mr Yildi said in an interview with the New York Times.

Mr Yilderim, who has said he would not support any EU plan to halt the flow of refugees, said the Turkish leader had been given “a very, very tough challenge”.

“I think he is a great man, but he is not looking for an easy path,” Mr Binalir said.

“He is looking for a way to bring Turkey closer together.

And I think he will find that in America.”

In a separate statement, the EU said it was “deeply concerned” by the remarks of Mr Trump, adding that the EU would not be allowing “refugees from war zones” to enter its borders.

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