‘The next generation of cars’: Tesla, Audi aim to replace diesel vehicles with electric vehicles

By Brian J. HuttonThis week, Audi announced it had raised $1.2 billion to finance the creation of a battery-powered, self-driving car.

But it also said that Tesla, the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles, will soon launch a new electric sedan, the Roadster, which will replace the diesel version of the Roadrunner, which Audi says is the world leader in electrified vehicles.

“We believe we can build a vehicle that will become the next generation, that will be the world car of the future, and that will take on the challenge of the electric car, the electric motorcycle, the hybrid car, and the hydrogen vehicle,” said Timo Wiegand, head of Audi’s electric car project.

“In the end, it will be a completely different form of transportation, with electric motor, electric propulsion, and all the other technology, but with the same basic architecture.”

Wiegand said that Audi’s goal is to deliver a fully autonomous, electric vehicle by 2021, and to have a vehicle on the road by 2025.

That timeline, he said, is very realistic.

“We are in a very different era from today,” he said.

“There are all sorts of technologies that we can use and integrate, but we have to be very realistic.”

Wirbel, a veteran of BMW’s internal testing lab, was not involved in the Audi-Tesla deal, but has previously worked on a battery vehicle that was a direct replacement for diesel.

“They are two different vehicles, but they are two very similar vehicles,” he told me.

“You can’t compare the technology.

I think the technology is there for all to see.

I’m sure they will be able to do it.

They have a lot of experience, a lot on the development side.

It’s not that the engineers don’t know, it’s just that the technology isn’t there yet.””

I think Audi will have an electric car in 2021,” he added.

“I don’t think it’s a leap, but it’s not a leap from the concept of the Audi RS 3.

Wiegend says Audi’s Roadster will be smaller and lighter than the current Roadster S, which is a 1,200-horsepower diesel engine, and which is used in many Audi models. “

But I think that it will definitely happen in 2021.”

Wiegend says Audi’s Roadster will be smaller and lighter than the current Roadster S, which is a 1,200-horsepower diesel engine, and which is used in many Audi models.

Audi said that the new car will be lighter than a gasoline vehicle.

The Roadster has a top speed of over 100 miles per hour and a top range of more than 500 miles.

“This is the same car, with the powertrain and all of the technology, that Audi already has,” Wiegart said.

Audi’s new car, Wiegest says, will be fully autonomous and will also be able run on the electric battery that the company purchased from Nissan last year.

The company also said the Roadsters will be more environmentally friendly than diesel vehicles because they will use a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces less CO2 emissions than a traditional diesel engine.

“That is the key difference between diesel and electric cars,” Wigert said.

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