How to make a pistol with a magazine

We’ve all been there.

You take a magazine to the range, pull it out and try to aim at targets.

A few inches off, and it pops out of the grip and lands in your hand, ready to fire.

You’re not sure if it’s a .40, a .357 Magnum or something else entirely.

The magazine is small and you don’t have the ability to load it.

But, if you have a .45, you’re in luck, because that magazine can hold more rounds.

And the only way to get a .380 in there is to take out a gunsmith and build one.

In a few hours, you’ll have a semi-automatic pistol that shoots faster, longer and more accurately than your average 1911.

It’ll also be lighter and easier to carry around.

The gun you build can be yours, and you can take it to the ranges.

You’ll get a great shooting experience out of it.

You can learn to make your own pistol magazine, too, and the process will take less than five minutes.

The Magpul Magazine How to Make a Pistol Magazine 1.

Start by assembling the magazine assembly.

This is a piece of wood, usually plastic, that fits into the back of the pistol.


The front and rear sides of the magazine are the same thickness.

This means you need to drill two holes for each side.


On the bottom of the bottom side, there should be a small hole for a trigger guard.

You don’t want to leave any space for the trigger guard to protrude out of. 4.

There should be no openings on either side.

You should have three holes for the rear side of the mag, one hole for the front and one hole on the front side for the mag.


Put the two pieces together and drill the holes.

You need to be careful not to get any parts or debris inside the mag or magazine housing.


Take out the rear-facing trigger guard and put it on the magazine, and then slide the magazine through the hole on top.


Now take out the front-facing magazine and slide it through the holes on the top of the top.


Slide the front magazine through each hole in the front of the back magazine, keeping the front mag as the bottom.


Slide back through the rear mag, and put the magazine back together, and slide the front back and mag back together.


Slide forward and put back the rear magazine, sliding the rear down the magazine housing and then back up the mag housing, and back up again.


Slide down the front, and out the back.

The pistol should be complete.

How to Build Your Own Pistol Magazine

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