How to get the latest news on your smart phone and tablet from your smart TV

If you’re not already using an iPhone or iPad as your smart device, you’re probably familiar with the Apple TV.

Apple TV comes with an array of apps, and you can access the apps on your television through a set-top box (SAT box).

While Apple TV works best with apps that have access to your home network, it also works with a wide variety of streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and HBO Now.

The Apple TV can also play your local news station or podcasts.

Here’s how to access your favorite apps on an Apple TV and your smart-phone or tablet.1.

Connect to your Apple TV via Wi-Fi If you have an Apple-branded smart TV, you’ll need to use your home Wi-fi network.

If you don’t, your smart devices can’t use your network.

For example, a smart-watch like an iPhone might not be able to use the AppleTV’s network if you don.

This is because the Apple TVs Wi-FI connection is designed to allow your Apple devices to talk to each other and use your Wi-amp’s network to connect to your smart home network.

So, even though your smart iPhone is connected to the Apple-powered network, your AppleTV will still only have access if it has an Apple wireless adapter plugged into its Ethernet port.

If your smart smartphone is not connected to a network, you may not be getting the most out of your Apple television.

The more you use an AppleTV, the more you may be using it more than you realize.

So it’s important to use a network that allows you to connect your smartphone to the Internet.

If not, you could end up with a slow and inconsistent streaming experience.

To access the Apple television on your TV, head to the Settings menu on your Apple home screen.

The app will display a list of available services.

Select your device from the list.

Tap on the Apple device that you want to use as your Appletv.

On the Appletv settings screen, scroll down to the Connecting to AppleTV section.

On this page, you can select your Apple device from a list that includes the Apple tv, your Mac, or a Mac.

On your Apple smart device that is connected, select the Apple network that you’d like to use.

Then, select your favorite Apple TV apps, like Netflix and HBO Go.2.

Choose the Apple service that you’re interested in from the Apple smart-device list On your smart smart device or Mac, tap on the appropriate Apple service you want access to.

On Apple TV, select Home.

On Home, tap the Add button.

At the bottom of the screen, tap and hold the Add Menu button to add the service you’d want to access to the connected Apple TV (or the network you’d prefer your smart gadget to use).

On the Add menu, choose your favorite smart-service.

Tap Add.3.

Select the network that’s currently connected to your TV.

On TV, tap or hold the network selection and select the network or services that you would like to access.

On other smart-devices, tap Select from the menu.4.

Select which network to use The Apple smart devices should always be connected to an Apple network.

To choose which network you want your smart gadgets to use, tap Connect to Apple TV or choose a network in the network list.

If a network is already connected to you, you won’t see any Apple TV app.5.

Choose your smart television device to stream the content to the smart device If your Apple TVs network is connected over Wi-AM or Wi-B, you need to enable streaming over your home broadband network.

Select a network on the network options screen.

On TVs, select which network your smart TVs should be connected over.

Select one of the available networks that are supported by the Apple Wi-am or Wi, B network.6.

Select whether to stream content through a local network or the Apple remote If your home home broadband provider has Wi-VAN, you should also enable streaming through the Apple Remote App, which is included with your Apple-owned smart-TV.

To enable streaming, select from the drop-down list.

Select Wi-LAN or WiAM.

Select Your Smart Device.

To stream the app, tap a network you’ve selected.

On a connected smart device you’re trying to access, tap any stream.7.

Enter your password to access the streaming app on the TV Select your smart mobile device, tap Settings, then tap Connections.

At this screen, select either Wi-TV or your Apple mobile app.

Select either the Wi-Mobile or WiB network.

On Smart TV, navigate to the App section of your Smart TV.

Select Stream to Apple.8.

When the app appears, you will be prompted to enter your password and to confirm the app will start streaming content.9.

Enjoy the streaming of content and notifications. If the app

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