How to get your first-hand stories from the big boys on the news channels

New Delhi: In the last year, a number of new publications have been established, including The Times Of India and its sister publications, Mint and NDTV, which are part of the Tata Group.

However, the two giants of the Indian media ecosystem are still a few years behind in terms of scale.

This is not a matter of indifference, as both of them have experienced massive growth over the past decade.

For the Tata group, the key challenge is to continue its dominance in online publishing, and, therefore, to keep pace with digital media in India.

With the recent launch of Tata Media, the company is also looking at new and different ways to reach its audience.

This week, the Times of Indian launched the latest edition of its magazine, The Times.

The magazine will also be available on digital platforms, such as Mint, NDTV and NDX, and will be available to subscribers at the same price as the print edition.

This will make it a cheaper option for a wide range of readers.

However and unlike the other publications, the magazine will not include the news bulletins.

Instead, it will contain the best of the best content from across the industry, which is currently offered by NDTV.

The Times of The Times will be published in Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Malayalam.

The publication will feature the latest news and current events from across India, and it will also cover the latest technology news.

It will also feature editorial reviews and other coverage that will cater to readership on different platforms.

The digital edition will feature news and features on digital advertising, content and technology, as well as a look at how the industry is changing.

A number of the most popular stories in the news will also appear in the magazine.

This includes the coverage of the Supreme Court judgement on the Aadhaar project, the Supreme court ruling on the Bofors gun scandal, the Indian Navy’s decision to go for sea trials with a new type of fighter aircraft, the new Delhi High Court judgement, the decision by the Centre to withdraw from the World Trade Organisation, and the Supreme Council of Civil Liberties (SCCL).

This will also include the latest in the latest events in the Indian space, including the appointment of a Supreme Court judge.

All this will be covered in an editorial that will be in-depth, informative and informative in nature.

The editor of the magazine, Anil Gupta, said, “I am very excited to be launching The Times on the digital platform.

We want to give our readers an alternative to print and print-only news.

With The Times, readers can have access to content from a wide variety of publishers, news organisations and digital platforms.

Our aim is to give readers a better alternative to traditional news sources and our mission is to be a source of information on the latest trends and developments in India and beyond.

Our editorial approach will be different from other print publications in that it will be comprehensive, unbiased and in-house.

Our readers will have the best possible experience in the digital format.”

The Times Of The Times is part of Tata Group’s Digital Publishing business, which will see it focus on online platforms like Mint and Digital News Network (DNN).

The company has also announced plans to launch The Times In the New Year edition.

The company will be able to offer free online editions for subscribers at Rs 500 a month.

“The launch of the Times Of the Times will help the Tata family to consolidate its digital strategy and bring greater relevance to our subscribers.

It also aims to drive better content, insights and content for our readers,” said Subhankar Kumar, general manager, Tata Media Group.

The Times has already launched a number the digital editions of the two print editions in recent years, but has yet to release the digital edition of the new one.

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