Which of the following stories did you read this month?

A New York Times piece on the effects of climate change.

It’s an interesting look at how people are reacting to a changing climate.

The story also looks at the relationship between science and politics. 

The New York Post article is about how climate change affects people’s health and how it can impact business. 

New York Daily News article about how the Trump administration is threatening to dismantle climate policy. 

CBS News article on the new National Weather Service forecast. 

National Journal article on how the economy and politics are intertwined in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

CNN article about the impacts of Hurricane Harvey. 

Business Insider article about why climate change has been such a big issue in the presidential race. 

Associated Press article on what a Trump administration would mean for the economy. 

Bloomberg News article looking at how the US government and the private sector are working together to respond to the climate crisis. 

Newsweek article about what’s driving the debate over climate change in the US. 

Time article about Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey and what the public reaction to the storm means for the future of the country. 

CNBC article looking into the future prospects for coal mining in the United States. 

Daily Mail article looking back at the climate change crisis and what we can learn from it. 

USA Today article about climate change and the impacts it has on the country and the world. 

TIME article about whether climate change is a bigger threat than the Zika virus. 

Vanity Fair article about rising sea levels and the impact on coastal communities. 

GQ article about a recent study showing that climate change could affect coastal cities. 

Wired article looking in depth at what people are feeling in the wake of the storm. 

NBC News article examining how the rise in sea levels has affected cities across the US, including Miami. 

NPR article looking to find the most effective way to mitigate climate change impacts on society. 

Politico article looking over the impact of climate policy on how Americans perceive the world and how they are coping with it. 

 NPR article discussing how the impact from Hurricane Sandy was a huge factor in voters’ decision to support Trump. 

Wall Street Journal article looking through what we know about the effects climate change can have on the economy, the environment, and the economy itself. 

ABC News article analyzing the impact that Hurricane Sandy had on the political process. 

Huffington Post article looking ahead to the future and looking ahead for what could happen in the future. 

PBS NewsHour article looking forward to the impact climate change will have on politics.

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