When the next big thing arrives, the next wave of AR tech will be big and fast, says Steve Jurvetson

The next wave will come in the form of “interactive AR glasses”, augmented reality glasses that can turn a simple phone into an amazing display.

The company behind the technology, AR Glass, says it has already sold more than 2,000 glasses to businesses around the world, and it plans to add up to 100,000 by 2020.

The AR glasses can only be used by the wearer and have to be worn by a team of three people at the same time.

That’s a huge jump from the current limit of two people wearing the glasses together.

The technology has been in the making for years, but until now, it has been limited to the very early stages of the AR revolution.

The latest version of AR Glass will make its debut on Friday at Google I/O, and its launch will be followed by a demonstration of the technology on the Glasses themselves, as well as the first AR glasses that use an image sensor that is a full-body scan of the wearer’s face.

The image is then projected onto the screen of the device.

For some, this could be the future of AR, and we’ve put together a handy guide to everything you need to know about the technology so you can start using it right away.

What is AR Glass?

AR Glass is an augmented reality technology that uses a head mounted display (HMD) to show you a virtual image of your face, using a camera in the wearer´s eye.

AR Glass does not use a 3D image of the image, but instead uses a combination of the two.

AR glasses, also called AR glasses for short, can be bought for around $300 and have been in use by companies like Facebook and Facebook-owned Oculus for the last few years.

AR technology has traditionally been used to provide 3D visual content to users, but there have been significant advances in facial recognition technology over the last decade.

What does this mean for us?

AR glasses are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the potential of the new technology.

While we have to wait and see if AR glasses will take off commercially, it is already clear that the technology will be used for a wide range of applications, including education, healthcare and military.

How can you use AR glasses?

You can use AR Glass to take selfies and show your friends what you´ve been up to, even if you have a camera that doesn´t support full-face tracking.

You can also use the glasses to take a virtual selfie, which is similar to a face scan, and you can even share your favourite photos and videos.

You are also able to see other people´s faces using AR glasses and can share a photo with them to share it.

For example, you can share your Instagram feed with a friend to see if they have been following you, and if they are, you might see the photo that you shared with them.

You also can use the AR glasses to check your location, such as when you are walking down the street, or checking in to your job or hotel.

You´ll be able to track your location in real time using a GPS tracker, and be able share that location to other people.

The glasses can also show you virtual objects in real-time, such like a map of the street or a map with directions, as long as you have the glasses with you.

For more on AR glasses go to the main article How can I test out the new glasses?

The most obvious test is to take the glasses out of their cases and put them on.

If you use a smartphone, you are able to use the phone’s camera to scan your face using a smartphone camera app.

If your smartphone doesn´T have a built-in camera, the glasses can be scanned by taking a photo using a selfie app like Facebook’s Instagram app, as shown in the picture above.

However, if you already have an AR glasses app, you will be able upload the photos to it, and use the app to scan them.

If the glasses are scanned with an iPhone app, it will be possible to view the image using the app.

There are also other apps that can help you scan your own face.

In addition, there are apps for people with certain types of eye problems.

For instance, there is a specialised app that scans your eyes to help you see when someone is looking at you, or if you are looking at a mirror.

There is also an app for people who have low vision and who use a virtual assistant to help them look at a virtual object, such a book, movie or piece of art.

The most interesting applications for AR glasses could be in education.

You will be using AR Glass in schools, and in places like prisons and police stations.

For teachers, AR glasses allow them to take real-world examples of a student and show them how they can interact with the technology. AR has

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