‘What’s up?’: ‘We are the first group of women in the world to speak up against Trump’

This is the first time a group of female journalists have spoken out against Donald Trump, as they join other women in calling for the election of women.

In an open letter, published on Monday, the group called on the media to stop promoting women and stop promoting the president-elect.

The group said the media has “a responsibility to tell the truth and expose the lies.”

“If you want to be a champion of women and the fight for social justice, you need to listen to them, and not to give voice to those who tell you they can’t do it,” the letter said.

“You can be a part of the solution and the cause, or you can be part of Trump’s toxic brand of politics.”

Read moreTrump has denied the women’s claims, calling them “fake news” and “honest attacks.”

The group of journalists from major media outlets, including CNN, BuzzFeed, Politico and the New York Times, also called for a boycott of all Trump merchandise and branded products.

“We are not the first women to speak out against the misogyny and sexism of Donald Trump.

But we are the only women to do so in a way that doesn’t just serve to further marginalize women, but also to perpetuate the idea that the women who stand up for the most marginalized are the ones who suffer,” the group wrote.”

Women who are the most oppressed are also the most likely to take action, and we are calling on you to do the same.

We will not be silenced.””

We have an obligation to stand up and speak out, and to not only fight for our community, but for the entire world, because Trump is unfit to serve and has shown himself to be unfit to lead,” the article said.

The letter was signed by the group’s co-founders, journalist Amanda Hess and investigative reporter Dana Priest.

The women said they have come to the conclusion that they cannot support Trump, but they remain open to working with other women who are also against the president.

“It is our responsibility as journalists, as activists and as human beings to make sure that there are no barriers that prevent us from speaking out against Trump,” Hess said.

“I want to say to you, ‘I will not quit,’ and I’m very proud to say that I am a woman and a woman of color.

I’ve always been a person who has been open about my identity and my struggles, and I don’t want to quit.

But if you don’t believe that you can, please understand that I’m here to stand with you.

If you’re willing to take that risk, and you know that we are ready to help, then we will.””

And I’m really proud of this group of people, because we know that the best way to change the world is for us to stand together, to make this happen,” Priest said.

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