How many of you were actually surfing in the wild?

On Saturday, October 19, 2016, a huge swell swept across the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and left thousands of people stranded in remote coastal areas.

While most of the media attention has been focused on the flooding that has hit Queensland, inland areas have been particularly affected.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, at least 5,000 homes have been destroyed, and thousands of other structures and animals have been damaged.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service estimates that more than 4,500 people have been affected by the storm.

On Sunday, the Queensland government announced that the Great Northern Highway had been closed for several days to help with recovery efforts.

In the past, this has been a temporary closure to help prevent major flooding, but as of Sunday, Queenslanders are still waiting for that to be lifted.

There has also been a lot of misinformation spread on social media about what the Great North Road is.

Many people mistakenly believe it is a highway, which it isn’t.

It’s a road that connects two towns in Brisbane and one in New South Wales.

This is a stretch of highway where the state government uses to transport its roads.

As a result, people have assumed it is part of a long-running infrastructure project.

But it’s actually a short-haul route.

When the Great Ocean Road was completed in 2001, it connected the town of New England with Port Hedland, and it was an important link in a network of long-distance highways.

The road was eventually extended to its current location, at the mouth of the Great Dividing Range, and is now the most important link to the mainland.

The highway was originally intended to connect Brisbane to Sydney, but the Queensland Government changed the route when they built the road in the 1980s, making it an inland road.

This change is known as the Great Southern Highway, and as a result many people think of it as a long stretch of freeway.

But this is not the case.

The southern section of the highway is not part of the Queensland highway network.

It is the only part of that network that is not connected to the rest of the network.

The Great Northern Road connects the town in Queensland to the town on the north-western coast of New South Australia, which is where many people use the highway to travel.

The northern section of this road connects Port Hedlands to Port Hedlanders, a small community on the western coast of Western Australia.

It connects these communities to Port Augusta, a town in the northern part of New Brunswick.

As part of its northern section, the highway also links the town to the city of Grafton.

When it was built, this highway was supposed to link Port Augusta to the port of Port Hedons, and there were many rumours that this was planned to happen.

But that wasn’t the case, and the highway was only built between 2009 and 2011.

Now, it is in the final stages of completion and will soon be fully operational.

But the Great northern highway is one of many in Queensland that connect small towns to major cities, and many people don’t realise it.

According of the ABC’s News Breakfast program on Saturday, the Great southern highway connects the towns of Port Augusta and Port Hedalls to the Port Hedlander port of Gilderburn, which has the capacity to handle a major traffic event.

It takes the highway from the town near Port Augusta in the north, through Port Hedals south-east, and finally to the northern port of Banyule.

It will connect these two towns to the state capital of Brisbane.

In recent years, there have been several major floods in the region.

According the ABC, many of these floods have been caused by heavy rainfalls that were predicted for the next few weeks.

However, the weather is still relatively calm for many people in the remote parts of Queensland.

People have also been evacuated from remote areas in the last few days.

According a recent report in the Sunday Herald Sun, around 70 per cent of people living in remote areas are worried about flooding in the next couple of days.

But despite the warnings, many people have taken the advice of their neighbours and travelled to the beaches.

Many of these people have stayed at the same campsites they had before, which they had been using for the last three or four days.

They have been making plans to get back to their campgrounds.

However it looks like people are taking more precautions now.

People in remote parts have been planning to go back to campgrounds that they had used for months, and they have been using boats and helicopters to go down into the water.

However as of Saturday, many remote areas have not been cleared, and people have not yet been allowed to leave their camp sites.

One of the main reasons for the evacuation is that some of the towns are being built on top of old water storage tanks.

This means that if a storm does come along, it will be extremely

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