How did you get into comedy?

Here are the top moments of a life that was defined by comedy.

The one that is forever etched in my memory is when I walked into a comedy club at 8.30am, sat down with my dad and asked if I could go for a drink.

“No, I’m going to go and get a bite to eat.”

I never said no, it was the best thing I’ve ever done, because he said: “You can go and have a drink with your mates and it’s not like that.

I’ll come back with a tray of food.”

I had no idea that at 8am in the morning I would have an opportunity to do that.

And I think that was the one thing that made me laugh and make me laugh in the first place, because I think people have a hard time accepting that they can laugh at something.

I was a really big comic nerd growing up, and I was like a little kid, and there were all these books and things, but I was never interested in being like the big boy in the room.

And you know, I went to a club where there was all these young guys who came from other towns and were into comedy and they were really interested in me, and they wanted to know what was up with me.

And they were like: “What do you do?”

And I was just like: [laughs] You know what?

I’ll go and ask.

And it was one of those experiences that I can’t forget.

It was an opportunity for me to meet people and meet the comedy world that I’d never been in.

But at the time I was still kind of a little boy.

I just thought I wanted to do stand-up, I didn’t really know anything about stand-ups, so it was kind of an exciting time for me, to just go up and meet these people and talk to them.

And as I got older I was doing some really good stand-art in the theatre, and it was just really inspiring.

I got into it because I just wanted to get better, but also to get away from being a little nerd in the way I was.

It just kind of took me out of my comfort zone.

There was a time when I was sitting in the back of a bus going to gigs, and my mates were just like, “How do you feel?

It’s the worst bus ride ever”.

I was in a car, my mates weren’t.

I said: [shakes head] I just can’t believe it.

And there’s a lot of people that are really happy that I’m not doing this, because they know that I love it.

I don’t want to be an example to other people of how you should go about your career.

I mean, I am so happy with what I’ve done.

And when I say that I still have a job, I mean I still do some things, because it’s my passion.

It’s what I’m into.

It might not be the same, but it’s what makes me happy.

And the thing that has always stuck with me is that you can’t just go out and do everything that you want to do and it doesn’t mean anything.

You have to make sure that your work is something that you actually care about.

It means something to me.

That’s one of the biggest lessons I learned from doing stand-down, and that’s why I did it, because that’s what’s important to me, that’s how I feel.

And also I want to make something out of it, to give people something to talk about.

I want people to think about the things that I did, and what I did to people, and make up their own minds.

And so that’s one thing I think is really important to be aware of: that it is a job that you really have to do, that you have to put your life on hold to make it worthwhile.

And then you just keep doing what you love.

It is what you’re about.

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